Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is is the best thing for toenail fungus?

Unfortunately, the best treatment at this time for nail fungus is in fact, antifungal pills. The cure rate for topical treatments (anti-fungal nail polishes or creams) is about 7%, which means that in about 93% of people either the fungus doesn't go away, or it comes back shortly after stopping treatment. Two of the best meds out there right now are terbinafine and itraconazole, and a close third is fluconazole. All of these require a prescription, but most physicians will also want to do a blood test to check your liver enzymes before your start and periodically while your are taking them to make sure that the medications don't hurt your liver. Liver damage is rare, but can happen.

Regardless of which treatment you go with, you're looking at about 12 weeks of medications. This is because toe nails grow very slowly. Your big toe nail can take up to about 6 months to regrow completely. This means that if you take the medications for the 12 weeks, you can see additional improvement even after you finish taking the pills.

I can't comment much on Vicks Vapor Rub as an antifungal. I have heard it's use as an home remedy, but I haven't met anyone to successfully use it. I would imagine that even if it was proven to kill fungi, since it's topical, it can't be much better than the topical nail polishes that were specifically designed to treat nail fungus that have a 7% success rate. Then again, the risks of using it are pretty low.

Hope that helps!What is is the best thing for toenail fungus?
Dr. Gott says it is Vic's vapo rub. Lots of people aware by it. Cut the sugar from your diet to clear it from the inside. There are anti fungal pills - but they are rough on the liver. If the area is not too big you could sand the nail down allowing air to get to the area and then try Vic's.

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